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Spastic Maniac .
I was bored this evening. And I randomly search for Zach's picture in Getty Images site and see if I found any new pictures of him but turns out no new pictures. And then, I was randomly type Adrian Pasdar in the search box and guess whose pictures turn up on the first four?. Zachary Quinto. So, basically those people at Getty Images mistakenly put his name Adrian Pasdar. xD. Well I haven't seen it before and I believe no one has posted in Sylar community too. Here are the pictures;

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.. and the rest under the cut

Zachary bringing sexy backCollapse )
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Spastic Maniac .
28 May 2007 @ 01:02 am
Im not sure if you guys have seen these pictures but Im for sure haven't seen it before. Except that the pictures taken from the same events that the other Zach's pics that we've seen before but on the different angle. Beside, even if you guys have seen it, doesn't matter, right?. Coz we all love the man. Mmmkay, I crap a lot. Proceed to the pics;

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Spastic Maniac .
19 February 2004 @ 10:00 pm
yep.i got to keep this journal "heroes friends" only from now on.=/.

1.DO NOT ADD me if you're not going to read my journal
2.If we have something in common or you're just wasn't an asshole,feel free to add.
3.FYI,what I write on my journal would probably bore you to death since my life isn't that eventful.So,you'd probably wanna think twice before you add me.:)
4.Comment to be added.♥

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