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im not afraid to keep on living

im not afraid to walk this world ALONE

Spastic Maniac .
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My name's Lizzie.Im 17 years and 5 months old (how specific i am.hehe).I just finished high school.Probably one of the best thing that ever happen to me.College soon.:).Best described as introvert,talkative,easy-going,self conscious and a bit shy.I love to have a random talk coz Im that random person.I'd talk nonsense once in a while.Mainly,I talk about My Chemical Romance and it gets to the point where people would want to bitchslap me in the face or just knock my head off for talking about them most of the time.I enjoy rock concerts and I love everything about it.I love everythng that involves art and I believe life's like an art,which a human can create it and makes it as a masterpiece.

WARNING; I can talk shit sometimes so if you disagree with what I said,doesn't matter if it's a big or small things,I'd say you better not start the commotion in my journal.I can say whatever the heck I wanna say and I have the right to state what I feel here coz it's my journal.

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.muse.fall out boy.underoath.the hush sound.gym class heroes.good charlotte.the academy is...,paramore.avenged sevenfold.silverchair.every time i die.lifetime.saves the day.boys like girls.cartel.meg & dia.cute is what we aim for.simple plan.from first to last.the used.panic! at the disco.greenday.linkin park.

HEROES.supernatural.laguna beach.the hills.grey's anatomy.american idol.steven's untitled rock show.much on demand.punk'd.still standing.smallville.wonderfalls.3rd rock from the sun.that 70's show.yes dear.the king of queens.high school stories.made.lost

FANTASTIC FOUR.a scanner darkly.pulse.the devil wears prada.the holiday.the school of rock.final destination.saw II,harry potter series.bend it like beckham.happy feet.madagascar.silent hill.


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